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Small Claims Court is an essential tool for any business that intends to be successful and remain competitive. Whether you are enforcing an agreement or collecting funds rightfully owed to you, Small Claims Court is often a great option. With the ability to recover up to $25,000.00 in damages in far less time than regular court, Small Claims Court could be the difference for you between winning and losing in business.

It is virtually impossible to do business in Toronto without having an understanding of your rights, which are often found in your agreements with third parties. If you aren’t fully aware of what’s going on, our competitors may walk all over you, and your suppliers could take advantage of you. Having a Toronto Business Lawyer that you can trust puts you in front of the pack with a huge advantage over others. Call Jonathan Kleiman whether you are facing a Small Claims matter now or if you need an agreement reviewed. Make sure your agreements work for you before you sign them!

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