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Small Claims Court Forms are basically one half of the process of finding success in the Small Claims Court. Understanding and filling out the Small Claims Court Forms will take up at least half of your time spent, if not more. To say that they are important is an understatement as they are essential to the process and without them nothing could be claimed or defended.

While you need to know and use the Small Claims Court Forms in order to get through the Small Claims Court process, your success will be based primarily on how you plan and execute your strategy. The forms themselves are simple, and the informal process of Small Claims Court often allows for easy rectification of procedural errors and omissions.

However, the outcome of any claim in Small Claims Court is dependent on how you handle yourself throughout the process. The vast majority of claims in Small Claims Court wind up settling before trial, so the strength of your position often matters far less than your opponent’s perception of that strength.

In other words, learn the forms and fill them out to the best of your ability, but don’t let it overshadow the importance of a strong, consistent, believable strategy from the start. As serious as it can be, think of it like poker or any game where out-thinking your opponent is crucial.

If you need help with legal strategy, call a Small Claims Court Lawyer.

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