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What’s All The Fuss About Small Claims Court?
…and why are they calling $25,000 “small”?

In addition to my business law practice, I often represent people in the Small Claims Court. While the Small Claims Court is designed to accommodate people without representation, the Court’s jurisdiction now goes up to $25,000.00, which means that some litigants will consider it wise to hire a small claims attorney to represent them.

If you are a business and you are owed thousands of dollars you should consider hiring a business lawyer to handle collections and file small claims cases for you. Don’t just write off your invoices; people might figure it out!

Experienced Small Claims Lawyer and Business Lawyer

I have seen many people try to represent themselves in various courts, and occasionally I have seen them do so effectively. Trying a case takes years of practice, so it’s no wonder that some people stumble when it counts. This is precisely why some choose to hire an experienced small claims court lawyer as their advocate and trusted advisor.

Affordable, Quality representation

I generally charge $250 per hour, but I also have flat rates that I offer to my clients that tend to beat the hourly rate. Although cases can be adjourned for a variety of reasons, the Small Claims Court is designed to move as quickly and as cost effectively as possible.

From the pleadings (the Plaintiff’s Claim or the Defence) to the Settlement Conference (a mandatory confidential mediation) and to Trial, I will advocate for you aggressively at every step of the way. Every little detail can make a big difference, and that’s why your case will have my full attention. I will be there for you, and you will never have difficulty contacting me.

Amount you can sue for

The most that you can sue for in Ontario in the Small Claims Court is $25,000.00. For the most part you can only recover money damages, meaning funds that you really spent or lost. We’re going to have to prove every penny of your damages to the court, unless the defendant agrees with the amount. You can’t split your claim up to get around the limitation, but you can definitely bump down a larger claim to get into the faster, cheaper process of the Small Claims Court.

Defendants’ Claims

A Defendants’ Claim is when the defendant (the person being sued) sued back by filing a lawsuit against the person suing (the plaintiff). Defendants can also sue third parties and bring them into the action if they feel that they are liable for the damages.

If you would like to be represented by a lawyer call me today at 416-554-1639!

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