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Whether it’s Small Claims Court or Superior Court, I can help you through the process. Either way, the same basic principles apply.

Doing business requires a huge portion of “the customer is always right”, and a certain element of “so sue me”.  Kleiman Law will help you carry on business with a mentality that will allow you to follow your gut and resolve your contract disputes and other legal issues without worry.

Business Contract Disputes – We’ll draft your agreements or review them before you sign them. And when they’re breached, our lawyers can initiate or defend lawsuits regarding business deals, contracts, employment agreements, non-compete, non-solicitation & non-disclosure agreements, shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, or any other contractual dispute that may arise.

Debtor/Creditor matters – Whether you’re owed money, or you owe money, Kleiman Law can help. For Creditors: You’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s small claims or superior court, we can help you protect what’s yours with vigorous attention to detail and a knack for never letting down. For Debtors: We can stop the calls and the intimidation. Let us help you.

Landlord/Tenant Disputes – Kleiman Law has experience representing both commercial landlords and commercial tenants. We provide landlords and tenants with the guidance they need to resolve their commercial landlord/tenant issues in the most effective manner possible. Our lawyer, Jonathan Kleiman, will initiate legal action or defend you in evictions, collection actions, security deposit disputes, or any other landlord/tenant issue that may arise.

Negotiations – Many small claims court and superior court litigation disputes end in a negotiated settlement, and your business lawyer can help you achieve the best results possible. When it comes to negotiating, it’s not just about knowing your opponent’s best alternative to a negotiated agreement. You need to act whatever part you are playing fully in order to be convincing, and your corporate lawyer can help you from strategy to execution.

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