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Jonathan Kleiman is a Toronto Contract Lawyer whom specializes in all aspects of agreement and contract law in and around the Toronto Ontario area. Jonathan is extremely educated as a contract law attorney guiding people through all agreement and contract issues.

What is a Contract Lawyer and Why You Must Hire One in Toronto?

Contract law is a branch of the legal industry which manages the legal exchange and binding of agreements among parties or groups, in effect, a contract. A contract could be a lot of things: written, verbal or action oriented. For instance, when you make a purchase you are contracted to pay the amount to the merchant. You see, your daily life is full of agreements and contracts.

How Does Contract Law Work?

What contract law does is defend, protect and assess contracts made between organizations, groups, agencies, people and more. You see, it falls under the civil system and is recognized as part of the law that surrounds obligations, or also known as the “law of obligation.”

Mostly, the sector of contract law is concerned along with solutions and contracts to the issues which accompany those breaches. What most individuals do not know is that, opposed to what they might believe, an informal contract can still be as legal and binding as a written contract.

Contract lawyers in Toronto deal with anything from the details and formalities of a contract to its ultimate follow through. What’s more, a contract lawyer will make sure that the contractual terms of the contract are detailed and in no way uncertain.

This is extremely crucial because, when the terms of a contract are deemed ‘uncertain’ or ‘incomplete,’ then the contract is accountable for severance. For instance, when an agreement was made among two parties, and one party attempted to break the contract, they might be successful when the contract is believed incomplete or uncertain by the court of law in Toronto Ontario.

To earn damages for breaching or breaking a contract, an individual might bring a lawsuit against the contract-breaker. It can be done by filing a civil lawsuit normally in court. Nevertheless, it’s within their rights to request a private arbitrator to hear their case too. You see, this is the best practice in Canada; other countries might have similar procedures.

Toronto Contract Dispute Litigation Representation

Most of the time, contracts build the bedrock of a business relationship. It’s important, thus, that the terms of every contract be enforceable both locally and globally. When you’re involved in a contract dispute, you can depend on the reliable lawyer at Kleiman Law to work carefully towards securing a cost-efficient and timely solution which streamlines your best interests.

You can be rest assured that Mr. Kleiman knows the significance of financial stability to private individuals and businesses. Thus, he is attentive in including costs in contract and business disputes. He advocates other dispute resolution strategies, like arbitration and mediation. Jonathan Kleiman will make sure that parties have a chance to fix their differences with no incurring the burden of expensive litigation. However, once litigation proves needed, he will fight persistently to safeguard the best interests of his clients.

Kleiman Law in Toronto has the experience in representing and advising businesses and individuals on contract formation as well as the validity of contracts. It doesn’t matter whether the agreement was in writing, comprising a series of standard form contracts utilized in personal, commercial, and industrial environments.

Similarly, we can recommend on the likely construction an arbitrator would put on individual terms of contract thereof, what implied or express terms would be found by an arbitrator or court to be included within a contract. In that way, the obligations and rights of every party to a contract could be understood completely.

When a contract is discharged or not discharged by performance based on its terms, legal considerations are often at the centre of the contract litigation or dispute. That is the same when there’s legally recognized excuse for partial performance or non-performance when the legal effect of the breach and the response by the other party to the contract and whether there’s been a breach of contract.

Hire Toronto Contract Lawyers Who Can Advise on Contract Issues, Contract Terms, and Contract Creation

Here at Kleiman Law, our contract lawyer in Toronto can advise you on matters involving:

  • Remedies
  • Different contract concerns
  • Common kinds of terms in agreements
  • The creation and formation of a contract
  • Reviewing of a contract
  • Drafting a legal contract

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