If you weren’t referred to me directly, you may want to hear what other clients have said about me:

What am I most proud of? I’m most proud of the success of my clients.

“Amazing lawyer. Honest, responsive, and very helpful.”
M.N., Toronto

“I contacted Jonathan for some legal assistance concerning my business and he left me very satisfied. He even went so far as to answer my emails during his vacation. You can tell he’s passionate about his work and is definitely someone you can trust. Thank you Jonathan!”
J.M., Toronto

“I needed business legal help & advice with documents and contracts. I found Jonathan to be extremely knowledgeable and prompt when dealing with him. I highly recommend Jonathan to anyone who is looking for legal help in the business field.”
J.H., Toronto

“Jonathan is very professional yet friendly, and it shows that he really cares for his clients. He was very responsive and pleasant to deal with”
D.A., Toronto

“This is my first time opening a business and I found Mr. Kleiman reading the online reviews. There were some key factors I was looking for and he has met all my requirements and even more. Jonathan always kept in touch with me, answering my messages in a timely manner, explaining every step of the process and even sending me links with commercial lease information so I know what to ask the real estate agent and the landlord when finding the right location. I was impressed with his working discipline and professionalism. He truly cares about his clients. Choosing Mr. Kleiman to represent you is to choose your peace of mind, certainty and integrity. This is by far the best value for your money. Now, I’m a business owner and I have a great start thanks to Mr. Kleiman.”
C.C., Toronto

“I contacted Jonathan not having read any of the previous reviews. He contacted me back almost immediately and advised me on the potential outcome of my case. After discussing with him, we decided to proceed with a letter of intent. I can’t say how pleased I am with his dedication. I know that some lawyers don’t focus much on small cases, but to me – Jonathan didn’t consider mine a small case. It was a case that he wanted to help me solve. I was paid what I owed the very next day after the defendant received his letter. When I contacted him to follow up with a minor issue – Jonathan was quick to respond. Thank you again Jonathan for being such a professional first of all but most of all for being a caring human being. I would recommend him again and again.”
V.A., Toronto

“Professional, to the point, objective, calm, realistic, and a wonderful lawyer who adapts and clearly uses his talent in the court of law to make sure you have your best foot forward. It never seemed he was over-committed to one game plan and was always prepared to deviate to Plan B, then Plan C, and recover back to Plan A. In moments where I’m sure I would lose my composure in court, I had full confidence in Jonathan because he never backed down, nor showed signs of resignation with awkward analysis paralysis pauses when it got tough. He’s very active in making sure things are prepped and ready for court, and many times our opposition actually had to borrow the materials we had prepared for ourselves. I frankly find his business model incredibly honest where there are no surprising or creeping hourly charges. Perhaps my arrangement was different, but as costly (though that is subjective and I am just a small business) as it was, it was a lean service where you know you are paying for his expertise plus work, not an artificial cushion. He’s responsive and appreciates that the judicial system isn’t exactly easy to pick up. He even listens to my amateur concerns, and even as basic as it was, he patiently explained things and still monitored for clues that might have been helpful. In the case where I do find myself in need of a lawyer, he would always be the first number on my list to call because even if he can’t pick up the case, I’m sure his advice would be more than worth it. It is worth it for him to have his own practice, because he is that much more distinguished from other lawyers that I’ve met and it would be a pity for his skill, expertise, and talent to be diluted by others.”
H.L., Toronto

“Incredible service, advice and honesty.  Jonathan is not your typical lawyer, and puts your best interests forward, saving you time and money with his direct & no BS approach.  He works with you not just at a professional level, but on a personal level, providing thorough guidance & reassurance throughout the matter.  He is very responsive to emails & texts and would ensure that he would make time for you and not pass you off to a clerk or associate.  I have absolutely no hesitation recommending Jonathan’s service and I will continue to engage his services for all of my business ventures.  Thank you sincerely Jonathan!”
J.R., Toronto

“It was an absolute delight to work with Jonathan on creating contract documents for my start-up business. He has a wealth of knowledge to share and takes the time to truly understand your business goals and objectives. He is wonderful at explaining legal jargon, as well as exploring various case scenarios to most securely set-up your business. He is always readily available to provide advice and clarifications, and is extremely patient and diligent. I highly recommend Jonathan and will be returning to him as a future client should the need arise. Thank you, Jonathan!”
G.F., Toronto

“Jonathan is one of the most professional people I’ve ever worked with. I was owed money by a recruitment consultancy back in June 2015. They had refused to pay me for work I carried out at their client’s premises. I called Jonathan in January 2016 who was very efficient in returning my call and advising me. He charged me a very fair price for writing a demand letter and following up. Weeks later I was paid back every penny i was owed thanks to Jonathan’s excellent work. I fully recommend his services to anyone.”
K.K., Toronto

“We required the assistance of a competent lawyer who specializes in contract and corporate law. After much searching, we contacted Jonathan Kleiman – his prompt responses helped us minimize our legal expenses and saved us a lot of time. Jonathan successfully defended our interests during the negotiation process, and helped us achieve the desired outcome without even needing to go to court! We look forward to working with Jonathan in the future and would highly recommend him as a great lawyer who provides great service at a reasonable price.”
D.D., Toronto

“I needed a contract reviewed for my business so I made a short list of Lawyers to call who reviewed contracts and of the all the lawyers on my short list. I made the call on a Friday morning because I needed my contract reviewed by Saturday afternoon. Jonathan called me back late afternoon Friday. He stated it normally takes two days for a review however, when I explained my situation he was very accommodating. I sent him the email and we went back and forth via email and phone calls and eventually after approximately 4 hours we had finalized the wording and, on a Friday evening no less. I even emailed him the next day for clarity on a few items and he provided it. I am more than pleased with the service that Jonathan provided and true to the testimonials, his service and professionalism is everything everyone says it is and more. Thank you Jonathan – I have already recommended a potential client to you and will continue to do so if anyone is looking for legal help!”
G.B., Toronto

“If I could give Jonathan more than 5 stars, I would. He has helped me and my business through some recent lease agreement issues and his assistance has been invaluable. Jonathan is quick to respond to every email I send, thorough and fair in his assessment of each situation, and direct and honest with his advice, which I very much appreciate. With his advice, I was able to settle a commercial lease issue and have it avoid going to court. I will continue to use his services for all my business needs and highly recommend him to any small business owner looking for legal advice or assistance.”
M.P., Toronto

“I found Jonathan on Google after reading these online testimonials. Skeptical at first, I spoke with a few small claims court lawyers and found Jonathan to be the best fit after a couple of telephone calls. The manner in which Jonathan conducts himself and his business proved to me that he was the best candidate to get the job done. You want a tough and professional lawyer on your side. He was also very honest and upfront about his fees. As a Plaintiff in my small claims case, there was a lot of evidence to file. This was a complex real estate case and Jonathan took the time to deal with every detail. Jonathan’s written claims were concise and focused on the issue at hand. He was able to easily discern from providing too much evidence that may convolute the claim. A wonderful job all around in presenting the case at trial. I would recommend Jonathan to any family members, friends, and business colleagues if the opportunity arises.”
T.J., Toronto

“Working with Jonathan was nothing but a positive experience. As I am sure many people have seen, finding a lawyer can be difficult with many to choose from. I originally found Jonathan on a Google search. I left a message for him on a Sunday evening not expecting a call back until later that week. In less than 20 minutes, Jonathan returned my call… Jonathan is not your stuffy 9-5 Monday-Friday lawyer. He works to get the job done. He has returned phone calls at 9:00pm on a weekday, and has replied to emails at 11:00pm on a weekend. He gets the job done. The agreement I asked Jonathan to draft was an area of law I was unfamiliar with. Jonathan was patient in explaining various options to me and quick wrap his head around the project. Jonathan was upfront with the costs from the beginning. I found his flat rate structure fair, and competitive relative to the other options on the market. Not to mention, much less intimidating than your stereotypical lawyer billing for everything. Over the course of the project, there must have been at minimum, 200 emails sent back and forth between revisions, changes, my questions, and Jonathans answers. He was quick to make the changes and respond. I found between the time he invested and work he put in to this project, in many cases he over delivered. I highly recommend Jonathan for anything contractual law. Moving forward Jonathan will be my first point of contact for anything law.”
H.S., Toronto

“It was a pleasure working with you! I appreciate your prompt services and handling business on the drop of a dime for me at anytime of the day or night. I’ll always recommend you 1st, 2nd, and 3rd to get the job done to anyone that may need services you offer and by the way the response time to my emails and phone calls were incredibly quick. I love that and feel honoured to deal with you! We will be doing business again. Wish you all the best!”
D.W., Toronto

Jonathan Kleiman is the most accessible lawyer that I’ve ever had. It was so refreshing to know that I could communicate with him directly, as opposed to having to go through a receptionist or an assistant – and he always responded promptly. Each step in our communication did not involve an additional charge, and he was helpful in recommending other lawyers for me when I was moving and when I was looking for someone to help me with my will. Importantly, he was very personable and thoroughly understood what I was going through in my contract dispute, including the emotional trials that I was experiencing. I would highly recommend Mr Kleiman to anyone needing his expertise and support regarding their dispute.”
T.B., Toronto

When I got sued in a small claims court in Ontario (even though I live in California) I searched on-line for an attorney to represent me. I decided to go with Jonathan because he had some fantastic reviews. I’m happy to now be providing one of those fantastic reviews. Being sued in a foreign court is very unnerving but Jonathan made me feel at all times that I was in good hands. He helped me explore all options in dealing with the claim and ultimately was able to get the claim dismissed. I highly recommend Jonathan. He’s an expert on how the system works and can work it to your advantage.”
J.L., California

If you need a lawyer that is responsive, fast and thorough, Mr. Kleiman is a great choice. He is reasonably priced and offers great service. I even texted him several times and he always got back to me promptly. I will certainly use him again.”
J.Z., Toronto

It has been a great pleasure working with Jonathan. He was able to quickly understand my problem and find effective solutions to a small claims matter that would have consumed my time and wasted valuable resources.  As Canadian citizen that travels extensively for business, I don’t have the time to personally deal with onsite meetings and visits to the court house.  Jonathan listened, understood my needs and found ways to promptly correspond with me personally even with my travel and work schedule. I am delighted with the outcome and would not hesitate to refer his services.”
J.L., Toronto

“Jonathan has been an absolute pleasure to work with.  His round-the-clock availability makes him stand out from the crowd in the fast-paced world of technology.  We know we can always rely on him to meet our deadlines and will continue to retain his services throughout the life-time of our company.”
A.S., Toronto

“Jonathan helped us to review our professional services contract for a contractual arrangement between our company and a non-profit entity. He identified and added verbiage to address risks for which we were not aware to protect our interests and to comply with regulations regarding the non-profit sector .. we highly recommend him for his contract law knowledge and experience.”
R.B., Toronto

“It’s been a great pleasure working with Jonathan.  Jonathan’s not just our lawyer representing us in court, from the initial consultation to the conclusion of the trail, Jonathan’s been there for us like a friend 24/7. This was our first legal case & he guided us every step of the way.  He was logical in his assessment of our case & put us at ease right from the start. He responded to our questions and acted on them fast. He attended court in a professional manner & represented us well. At the end, justice has been served with us winning our claim which was said to have a 50/50 chance. We couldn’t have done it without you, Jonathan,  thanks again. Great job!”
K.L., Toronto

“Jonathan helped my family with a home service contract dispute.  I tried to negotiate resolution with this company for over a month and they wouldn’t budge.  One letter from Jonathan and the company agreed to cancel the contract immediately.  I would recommend him to anyone needing the services of an efficient lawyer who will look out for the best interest of his clients.”
R. F., Toronto

“It was a pleasure to work with Jonathan.  He is very reasonable and prompt.  I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of legal advice.”
E.L., Toronto

“I am a new business owner and I had nothing but the best and fastest experience with Jonathan Kleiman. He gave great advice and made the process and simple as it was fast. I would highly recommend anyone new or experienced to consider Jonathan Kleiman for his services and advice. Thanks to Jonathan, I am now the proud owner of ******** ********* Ltd.”
J.R., Toronto

“I had contacted Jonathan Kleiman because I was at wit’s end … struggling to find trustworthy, reliable legal representation (had several attorneys hung up the phone without haste); I called Jonathan and left his a brief message. In that same day, he called me back and actually took the time to talk to me. Jonathan actually took the time to listen to my situation (which to be honest, not many attorneys have taken to time to listen, a lot of hang ups). After speaking to Jonathan not once, but twice, he actually called me and did follow up on my situation. He cares for his current clients and potential clients. If you’re looking for a lawyer, who actually cares about your legal problems, please don’t hesitate to call Jonathan. I wish I had called him first! Thanks Jonathan!!!”
A.M., Toronto

“We would like to thank Jonathan, from the bottom of our hearts! Our family was going through a very stressful time as we had purchased a home with many problems. We had tried to seek help and support from the parties to whom we had entrusted to look after our transaction, both were unhelpful and made us feel as though, they did not care. After feeling as though there was no hope, we typed in Small Claims Lawyers in Toronto, and up came Jonathan’s name. I called his office and could not believe how polite and caring his Secretary was, such a drastic change from the office that always made us feel like we were a burden to them. I left a voice message for Jonathan, and not only did he call me back the same day, but he called me after hours from his home. How ironic is it, that the two parties who we had entrusted and paid to look after our transaction, were nothing but unhelpful? And here was Jonathan, who we had never even met or given a dime to, taking the time to call us, listen to us and genuinely care! Jonathan, gave us sound advice along with words of encouragement, which helped us settle this matter outside of Court. Jonathan, helped to alleviate an abundance of stress off of our family! Jonathan, was truly there for us, when no one else was! If our family or anyone we know, needs a Lawyer, Jonathan is the only one that we would call! Thank you, for our Christmas Blessing, Jonathan!”
E.B and M.B, Innisfil

“What a great relief to have met Jonathan. If you own a business in Toronto, then Jonathan is your answer because sooner or later there will be legal issues or challenges as you probably know. I found Jonathan to be professional, very responsive and thorough in preparing a claim that would of taken forever somewhere else. He was able to prepare a complicated claim within a week that was right on the mark. He gets it and does it all. I would highly recommend his services and get peace of mind that it will be done right. Thank you Jonathan.”
W.T., Toronto

“I am writing to commend the services which have been provided to me by Jonathan Kleiman. From my very first consultation, I was treated by Jonathan with the greatest respect and professionalism. Jonathan was extremely sharp in his knowledge of my legal matter at hand. All questions and emails were responded to quickly. If you require legal services, I personally recommend Jonathan Kleiman for his courteous, and polite service but above all his professionalism.”
S.G., Toronto

“Jonathan Kleiman is a pleasure to deal with.  He is readily available, even at weekends, and is quick to respond with sound advice. I have no hesitation in giving him my full recommendation.”
A.C., Toronto

“I used Jonathan as my lawyer during an unpleasant lawsuit in which I had to sue someone. Jonathan was not only professional, but smart and on my case from beginning to end. We won the lawsuit and I am grateful I followed his good advice throughout the trial. I would not hesitate to recommend Jonathan to anyone in need of a good lawyer.”
C.G., Toronto

“We are very happy for the services that Jonathan provided and will certainly come back again whenever we need commercial legal services or advice.”
G.L., Toronto

“Jonathan helped me in a dispute with a contractor.  He provided excellent advice based on his strong knowledge of the law and sound judgement.  Jonathan was very responsive throughout and turned things around very quickly.  I will definitely seek Jonathan’s advice in the future.  Thanks a lot, Jonathan!”
J.P., Toronto

“My partner and I own our own small business, and unfortunately ran into a conflict in regards to our standing contract. Obviously feeling as though we were being cheated, we sought legal advice. Jonathan sympathetically heard our story, and felt strong enough that we could build a case with it. Trust was established from the beginning as he was extremely easy to speak to. Although our situation was resolved amicably, if it weren’t for Jonathan’ own confidence, we would have never been able to make the stand that we did. He will most definitely be our go-to if we ever find ourselves in a similar situation again.”
A.C., Toronto

“I needed a contract drafted for a professional creative collaboration, and Jonathan provided prompt service that resulted in a contract well-tailored to meet my needs. He kept the price low and was quick to respond to emails. I would highly recommend Jonathan’s services to creative professionals requiring contracts for their projects.”
D.W., Toronto

“Jonathan was very informative and very organized with how he presented his cases and scenarios to all my questions giving me more than just one option and helped me formulate my decisions. I HIGHLY recommend Jonathan to deal with the business law of anyone’s company. He is instantly there when needed any questions to be answered. Expect Jonathan to be busy as good lawyers generally are. 5 Stars for this lawyer. Shopping around for a lawyer for my business wasn’t easy but im absolutely glad to have Jonathan by my side as my business lawyer. Having him by my side adds much needed confidence of protection.”
C.N., Toronto

“Kleiman Law provided quick and accurate assessment of a critical shareholder agreement, allowing me to negotiate mutually beneficial equity compensation with my employer. Jonathan Kleiman demonstrated both a familiarity with the nuances of employee equity compensation and a keen eye for areas of concern. I’ll eagerly consult with him again.” T.Q., Toronto

“Great Service and Advice ! I had engaged Mr. Kleiman on a Small Claims matter as a plaintiff. Mr. Kleiman was very effective at using his experience to help drive the matter to a quick favorable resolution. I have been involved in a number of these issues with different counsels, and Mr. Kleiman was one of the quickest to respond and give rock solid advice and direction. I would highly recommend his services.” A.A., Toronto

“Jonathan is caring, responsive and detail-oriented, which together represent a fully-engaged and wise lawyer. I recommend him to anyone needing legal help”. L.N.

“I would like to express my sincerest gratitude towards Mr. Kleiman’s professionalism and quick response in settling a huge claim against a well-known and huge corporation. We bought a expensive and unreliable faulty equipment from a very well known company, which we thought would help us align vehicles for our newly established mechanic shop. After many customer complaints, we started to suffer from loss of business and reputation. Although the company tried fixing it many times for different reasons, they refused to even think about returning our money back. We were stuck with a $18,000 dollar piece of junk! Stressfully I started searching for litigation lawyers in the Toronto area, and based solely on Google reviews I came upon Jonathan Kleiman. I decided to call him right away after reading a post on a client being defrauded of his money. Mr.Kleiman was very detailed and understanding towards our situation and was able to provide me with specific instructions on how we should take this case further. We started off with one of the strongest demand letters to each of the parties involved. Long story short…we were able to settle without going to court, the defendant offered us a release of the funds with a portion of our legal costs. At the end we were very satisfied that everything wrapped up quickly and that we were able to continue with our business and recover. Also I would like to add Mr. Kleiman is very considerate with legal fees, he offers you a quote and detailed summary of his fees (no hidden costs) unlike some other lawyers! I have never experienced a litigation problem, only dealt with lawyers for regular real estate stuff. We all don’t want to be in these types of situations but when you have a first-class lawyer like Mr. Kleiman, you have nothing to worry about! Extremely satisfied and grateful client of Jonathan Kleiman.” P.S., Toronto

“Being new to the city and the business world, I was in urgent need of a business lawyer to draft legal agreements at the earliest to send to a client. I happened to come across Jonathan’s website and decided to call him. The call went to voicemail. Before I could even begin to Google another lawyer, I got an email from Jonathan saying he had received my message and that he could have what I needed ready the same night. Ever since then he’s been true to his word of being “on call” to every email I’ve sent him. Each time his responses come in within fifteen minutes or less. No question is too small for him, and he treats every response with the same care and diligence, as he would any big important matters. My experience so far has been great and I definitely intend to continue to use Jonathan Kleiman’s services in the future. Knowledgeable, Approachable, and Committed. B.J., Toronto

“I contacted Jonathan, and at least 10+ other lawyers in the Toronto region. After meeting with several of them and speaking with others over the phone I decided Jonathan was most appropriate as I felt he possesses street smarts as well as education whereas most lawyers only possess the latter and are completely incompetent in the former. Jonathan actually seemed to genuinely want to help me in my situation whereas the others were just after money and didn’t show any care or thought towards the situation at hand. Jonathan is very friendly and easy to get in touch with and follows up with you regularly, he is down to earth and easy to communicate with. His fees are also appropriate and he will work with you individually on a person-by-person basis rather than just seeing you as a number. Genuinely good guy.” M.T., Toronto

“Jonathan of Kleiman Law came highly recommended by one of my business associates and I have worked with him over this past year. I found him to be thorough, fair and very prompt with email responses during or even after business hours. Jonathan has been an integral part of several business deals and I would refer my friends, family and business associates to him. Thanks for all your help Jonathan and I look forward to working with you in the future.” S.M., Toronto

“I retained Jonathan for a small claims court issue. He listened and agreed to help when no one else would. Even after this, when he certainly wasn’t obligated, he continued to offer advice and direct me. Having Jonathan’s support made all the difference to me and the outcome of my case.” J.H., Toronto

“It was a pleasure to work with Jonathan. He quickly and effectively handled a dispute, convincing the vendor to concede to a higher settlement almost double their original offer. His fees are also very good. Jonathan Kleiman is generous with his time and advice, and is a good person to have in your corner when dealing with litigation.” K.L., Toronto

“Jonathan is my go-to-guy when i need legal counsel that is on-point, well researched, and affordable. He always steers me in the right direction and his communication and turn around times are second to none.” M.D., Toronto

“I would highly recommend Mr. Kleiman for his excellent guidance throughout the legal process. He is extremely efficient & very knowledgable! It was a pleasure dealing with him!” R.F., Toronto

“I was very pleased with the quality, attentiveness and responsiveness of Jonathan’s services. The service was great, very efficient and very professional. Jonathan gave me very good advice and was very understanding. From start to finish of my case I always felt that my problems were understood and the advice I received was at all time in my best interests. He is very professional but down to earth and straightforward with understandable aims and objectives. The service provided was of first quality. I highly recommend Jonathan Kleiman to anyone needing help in Small Claims Court.” P.E., Whitby

“In 2012 I was referred to Mr. Kleiman. Jonathan listened to my business issues and explained that we could move forward with the court system. The following day after reviewing my files he presented me with the road map of actions we would take to resolve the issue and began the process of filing the court documents.   I would recommend Jonathan to anyone looking for legal support.” T.H., Toronto

“I am a veterinarian and live in the US. I got involved with an unethical [dog] breeder from […] who violated contractual agreements in the purchase of a female dog for breeding purposes. I contacted Mr. Kleiman in order to obtain legal advice for a small claims court dispute. Jonathan Kleiman’s services were prompt, professional and affordable. I would highly recommend his law firm to anyone looking for competent legal advice services.” C.L., Alaska

“Jonathan was great to work with. From the initial consult to follow-up emails afterward, everything was resolved in a professional, efficient and effective manner. I have every expectation to call on his services again in the future.” Z.L., Toronto

“I just wanted to say thank-you for the work you did on the Purchase Terms & Conditions. You gave me exactly what I wanted, you were very professional and completed the project in a timely fashion. If anyone needs a contracts lawyer I will recommend you. Whenever new projects arise with respect to my future endeavors I will contact you.” A.T., Toronto

“Jonathan Kleiman has provided legal services for myself personally, as well as my companies. He is very knowledgeable, but most importantly he is extremely personable. Jonathan needed little explanation as to what is the goal of my legal requirements, and always produced top quality work for me. for a busy business man like myself this is an important attribute which i look for in a legal service representative as my time is limited. I would highly recommend Jonathan to anyone seeking excellent representation from a young yest experienced and intelligent, energetic and friendly attorney. He is my attorney of choice, and most definitely should be at your consideration.” D.S., Toronto (Google Review)

“Our company has been working directly with Jonathan since the start of our company 2.5 years ago. His knowledge, understanding, attentiveness to detail and punctuality has always been appreciated and useful within the company. Jonathan has gone the extra mile to always make himself available when needed and to provide extensive help when needed without leaving out any important information. A pleasure to work with!” A.R., Toronto (Google Review)

“I would like to thank Mr. Kleiman personally for successfully defending me. Before retaining the law office of Mr. Kleiman I felt frightened and discouraged. I retained Mr. Kleiman in regards to a law suit. Mr. Kleiman consulted with me and illustrated in great detail how to strategically proceed with my case. It was clear from our lengthy telephone and in-person discussions that Mr. Kleiman was the right attorney to handle my case. He has been a great support from beginning to end. The staff at the office is friendly, knowledgeable and was always wearing a happy to take my call. I have since retained Mr. Kleiman for several other legal matters and it has been a pleasure to have his representation.” N.R., Toronto

“My name is *** *** and I live in Toronto. Last year my family needed some legal help and I got to know about Mr. Jonathan Kleiman. I had a great experience with him. I came across many lawyers but I found Mr. Kleiman stands out from everyone by giving an extra helping hand. Most lawyers are very busy and they seem to be on tight schedules and they try to rush things a bit, but Jonathan was very calm and gave me the extra time I needed. From day one when I met him he seemed to understand my need and he was able to help me with my small claims court case. Moreover he gave me many additional legal advise which I think other lawyers would not have given me. I thank that shows how much more he cares about his clients’ needs. T.S., Toronto

“I have retained Jonathan Kleiman for many matters. He knows the law but most importantly he knows how to use the law to his clients advantage. He’s a lawyer that cares and it shows through his professionalism, dedication and punctuality of his work for his clients. He is an aggressive fierce pitbull against his opponents but a gentleman with his clients. He is trustworthy and fair with his billings which is rare for a Toronto lawyer. I’m honored to have Jonathan represent me. I have retained many top law firms in the city and Jonathan delivers through a boutique experience.” S.C., Toronto

“When I needed advice to help me make an important decision for my company, Jonathan Kleiman’s services were professional, reliable and affordable. He took the time to understand my issue, recommended a proper course of action, and then executed on it effectively and quickly. I would gladly recommend Kleiman Law to anyone looking for friendly and competent legal services or representation.” S.B., Toronto

“I have hired many lawyers over the years for a wide range of situations. I live in the US and had been defrauded of $14,000 by a company located in Ontario. I needed a demand letter written. Before I hired Jonathan, I interviewed other lawyers in the area but could not find anyone I had confidence in to get the job done and no retainer agreement I felt comfortable signing. It was a very stressful time for me and I didn’t want to throw good money after bad. Jonathan was so easy to work with. We agreed on a flat fee and he quickly got the letter out. His correspondence back to the responding lawyer was exactly what I would have written. I was then able to collect the debt myself without further legal help and within two weeks I had my money without ever having to set foot in court! He did a great job doing exactly what I needed and wanted while working with me to help keep my expenses down. I can honestly say this was my most pleasant experience hiring a lawyer ever. I highly recommend Jonathan Kleiman to anyone needing help recovering money. Thanks so much Jonathan!” C.M.

“Jonathan gave me some great legal advice in regards to a non-compete clause in a contract. After consulting with him I feel much more educated and secure in my decision making process.” L.F., Toronto

Keep this in mind when you’re looking for a business lawyer or small claims court lawyer! Call me now at 416-554-1639 to schedule a free consultation.