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Jonathan Kleiman is a Business Lawyer that has serviced the Mississauga area and business community for many years. Jonathan’s legal business services specialize in all areas regarding business law from small to large business entities.

If you are already in business or have thoughts about opening a business in Mississauga, contact Jonathan to answer any legal questions you may have. He is well known and highly reviewed on Google by others in the business sector.

What Can A Business Lawyer Do For Me?

Your business lawyer is there to help you with any legal aspects in regards to your business.

  • Commercial lease review:

Commercial leases can be very complicated to a non-experienced person. A contract or business lawyer with experience reviewing commercial leases is highly recommended, as you may not understand the full terms and conditions of what you are committing to moving forward.

  • Contract reviews and drafting:

In business, there will likely be times that you will need to present someone with a contract for your services. You may also be on the receiving end of a contract drafted by somebody else. Having a contract attorney draft your contract will ensure that it is a legally binding document and that your best interests are covered. If you are not experienced in writing contracts, there may be certain loopholes within the document to where the meaning is different than what you expected.

  • Partnerships:

Partnerships can be complex and must be handled properly from the start to avoid disputes and even litigation. If one is entering into business with a partner, it’s always best to know the roles each play within the business. A corporate lawyer who drafts a partnership contract will help with any disputes the partners may have down the road. A business lawyer can also assist in setting up the business as a partnership entity.

  • Shares

At some point in business, you may come to a point where you might like to look for investors. In some cases, an investor may ask for shares of the business in exchange for investment. Your business lawyer, who will have experience in disturbing shares, should always be involved during this process. It is not recommended to do this yourself without an education in share distribution.

  • Litigation Matters:

Unfortunately, in business, there may come a time where you find yourself with no alternative other than suing someone. In some cases, you may also be the one on the receiving end of a lawsuit. This will call for either mediation between the two parties or possibly a trial where a judge would make the final decision. For any legal proceeding such as this, you will need a business litigation lawyer to represent you.

  • Buy & Sell Agreements:

If you are planning buying or selling a business, you need legal help for this type of transaction. There will be multiple terms and conditions laid out in a business transaction such as this that only an experienced legal advisor can fully understand and save you from unexpected pitfalls down the road.

  • Applying for permits or licenses:

Depending on the nature of your business, there may be times that you will require a city permit or licenses to operate. One phone call to your lawyer will save you a ton of valuable time when it comes to this. Having a legal advisor on hand has proven to make things such as this extremely valuable for an owner or manager of a business.

How Much Does A Business Lawyer Cost in Mississauga?

The majority of attorneys in Mississauga charge by the hour. Jonathan, however, usually charges flat rates, so you know what you are paying up front, with no surprises.

Some business owners might look at cutting costs, draft contracts themselves, or even sign a long-term lease without having an experienced business lawyer look over it. This can prove to be very risky on the part of the owner and may cost much more than a lawyer’s fee down the road.

Always look at a lawyer’s fees as insurance against something you may not see at the time. This will save you money and valuable time.

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Business Lawyers, for the most part, are there to take the worry and headaches away from you for legal matters as they are the ones who are experienced and educated in the field of business law. Give Jonathan Kleiman a quick call today for your legal business questions at no charge. He is happy to get to know you as well as your business goals in Mississauga.