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What is a Small Claim?

In small claims court, you sue for money or the return of a personal property valued at an amount of $35,000 or less, plus some costs and interest.

For you to sue a business or person in a small claims court, your lawsuit, known as claim, may fall into one of these claims for damages:

–  breach of contract

– unpaid invoices

–  damage to property

–  unjust enrichment

–  NSF cheques

–  unpaid rent

–  unpaid loans

–  unpaid account for services or goods delivered and sold

Jonathan Kleiman, a Thornhill small claims court attorney, knows that when you or your business owes money, it can influence the profitability of your company. “Small Claims” are not small to you, and they’re not small to us. Hand your small claims cases over to us, and you won’t be disappointed.

How Does Small Claims Court Work?

A lot of small claim cases could be settled without the assistance for a court case. That is often an easier, more affordable and more friendly resolution for every party involved. The process for resolving such kinds of disputes include:

  • Presenting a letter of demand to the business or person who owes you money (also referred to as the debtor).
  • Dealing with the debtor to come to an arrangement.
  • Bringing the case to court when discussions are not successful to seek a judgment, or put pressure on the other side to settle.

Why Hire Small Claims Lawyer in Thornhill?

When you work with Jonathan Kleiman, you’ll have access to the high competence of legal resources. Following are some of the reasons why this Thornhill Attorney is your best option.

  • Qualified and Trained

Jonathan is a licensed lawyer in the province of Ontario, which means we are certified to manage all of your small claims needs. He knows the law.

  • Document Handling

We are geared to serve all your legal documents, file them with the court, and make the deliveries through our network of process servers. You see, we go the extra mile to guarantee that your case is done as requested.

  • Technology

Jonathan is accessible through all modes of communication, and utilizes the top technologies to get the best results for you in the most seamless of manners.

Jonathan Kleiman insists on providing value to his clients, and offering superb and powerful client services. He aims to be the most responsive and accessible lawyer around.

At Kleiman Law, we wish to offer you with exactly what you’re seeking in a small claims lawyer, and offer the flexible approach and services your case needs. If you need a small claims lawyer in Thornhill or another nearby city who can take on your case and get to the work as soon as possible, then our team is here to aid!

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