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Breach of Contract

It is common for businesses to make a contract with one or more parties. The contract declares the terms and conditions of the commercial relationship. In some cases, a company’s employees need to sign a contract that outlines their work and recruitment in the company. Thus, it may be a short-term contract for a job.


Business Advice From A Lawyer

Are you going to get into the entrepreneurial world to develop your career? You may have thought of buying a business or developing a new one. In both these cases, you can face legal complications. Although you know everything about your business niche, it is not easy to manage legal issues. Thus, the best option for


Trademarks and copyright law Toronto Ontario

The term, Intellectual Property, refers to some intangible assets owned by a company and protected by laws. Without the consent of that company, no one should use and implement these non-physical assets. A trademark is one of the Intellectual Properties, and a company invests a high amount to care for the corporate image, like a